i think positivity is so so overlooked on a day-to-day basis, and i have to admit i have definitely overlooked it in the past. its so easy to moan and complain about every little thing that goes wrong in our lives, but for some reason its so hard to be thankful for what you have and look forward to what is to come. recently ive been trying to develop a more positive outlook on life, and almost immediately ive noticed that im happier, more energetic, as well as more productive! here are some things ive implemented into my life that has made being positive more attainable.

counting your blessings

i feel like it is so easy to think that the world is against you and that all these bad things keep happening to you, but a quick fix for this is to count your blessings instead of counting the times things go wrong!

letting go of resentments

i wont lie, this one is easier said than done. i think we all have those one or two things/people that tend to haunt us and suffocate our brains with negative thoughts, so needless to say its extremely important to let these issues go. it will definitely take time and effort, but when you find yourself thinking about that one thing that never fails to put you in a bad mood, try to move on and think about something else!

getting enough sleep

this may seem like it has nothing at all to do with positivity, but hear me out. think about it, when youre just about exhausted, it is SO much harder to see the good in things/people. its important not only for your physical health to get enough sleep, but also for your mental health. when you are fully rested, your mind is much more clear and more likely think in an optimistic manner. sleep needs vary from person to person, but i always aim for 8 hours of sleep! remember: the more hours of sleep you get before midnight the better your body gets to rest.

eating healthy

getting enough sleep and eating healthy sort of go hand in hand, and i am super guilty of this one. its tempting to eat nothing but junk food when you are feeling bad, but i promise you this only makes you feel worse if you make a habit of it! eating the right amount of carbs, proteins, and fats is so important to power your brain. you know what they say, you are what you eat, so if you are eating nothing but crap youre just going to feel sluggish and lazy- which makes it next to impossible to be positive.

i hope these quick tips help you to becoming happier and healthier! you have to start somewhere and everyone deserves to be happy which comes right along with positivity. keep your head up and keep going! (:


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