where i’ve been.

it has been two years since i have posted on my blog. so much has changed since, i can’t even begin to list everything that is different since 2016. i enjoyed posting at that time, but i was in constant fear about what other people would think of me, or that people would think i was copying someone, or some other obscure excuse.

i’ve come a long way since my second year, but something i am really trying to work on is not caring so much about what other people might think of me. it is so much easier said than done, but that is the biggest reason i want to start blogging again! i have always thought it was so fun, and every once in a while i feel so inspired by something i see and hear, and want an outlet to talk about it. i don’t want to miss out on something i could really enjoy just because i feel scared about other people’s opinions.

i’m hoping i will stick with this because i have a lot to share!

thanks for reading,

rachel 🙂


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