Weekend Recap

what a busy weekend! my boyfriend was in town visiting meaning i tried to cram a weeks worth of activity into three days. it all started on thursday when i picked him up from the airport. i brought him a burrito from our favorite mexican food place up here, and walked straight into my 21st birthday party! after we talked to everyone, a group of us headed downtown and started on my bar crawl with another of my best friends. sadly i don’t have any photos, but i wore the cutest red romper and my white crocs (HAHA i got so many weird looks for this).

friday was sort of a lazy day for kyle and i. we eventually made it to the pumpkin patch/market place near the beach and walked around to look at some goats and other farm animals! so fun.



saturday was the day of my sorority brunch! so beautiful and we celebrated the founders which was super special. since i am a senior now, i have been thinking a lot of my freshman year and how far i have come since then (future blog post?), and it is always the most noticeable when i go to events year after year. check out the pictures from freshman year versus this year!



sunday we went to santa barbara, aka one of my favorite little towns to visit. we spent the day shopping, walking around the funk zone, and eating at yet another of our favorite mexican restaurants! the red sox + astros game was on so we sipped on magaritas and watched the red sox win! we also found the coolest pond that was full of giant koi fish, ducks, and turtles! so random, but it was so much fun to sit and watch them.



monday we went out to breakfast and just hung around at the house until it was time for me to go to work. then, i said goodbye to kyle and dropped him off at the airport.

needless to say it was a super fun and busy weekend. back to reality and school work! how was your guys’ weekend?!


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  1. Ofelia Bostrom
    October 16, 2018 / 10:49 am

    Wow, what a weekend. Oh, to be young and single again! I am happy you had so much fun and had friends with you to celebrate!!

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