i have been vegetarian since January 1, 2016, so it has almost been three years! yes, it was my new years resolution & yes, it is one of the only new years resolutions i have ever stuck with! i get questions about being vegetarian all the time so I wanted to answer a few of the most common:

how do you get your protein?

usually this is the first question people ask me. since i’m not vegan, i eat lots of greek yogurt, and i usually get the majority of my protein from there! i also eat black beans and veggie burgers pretty frequently, which are both major sources of protein. when i’m working out, i try to get a protein shake in a couple times a week just to make sure i am not protein deficient!

do you miss meat?

no. and i so thought i would. growing up, ribs and hamburgers were my all time favorite food, so when i made the decision to cut out meat, i thought the cravings were going to be unbearable. believe it or not, i have never been tempted to eat meat even once and i actually don’t think i like the way it tastes anymore! there is a veggie burger that looks and tastes just like meat, and i really wasn’t a fan of it.

why did you go vegetarian?

there are lots of reasons i stopped eating meat. the biggest was for health concerns; my cholesterol was on the higher side and i did not want to have to take medication down the road. i did a little research and found animal products/byproducts were the biggest source of cholesterol, and the easiest to cut back on. i’ve stayed vegetarian not only for the health benefits, but also for the way it makes me feel, and to help out the environment just a little.

do you think you’ll be vegetarian forever?

if i had to decide right now, then yes! i don’t know what will change in the future, but for now, i’m going to stick with plants.

let me know if you have any more questions in the comments below! (:


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