my journey back to fitness.

since i was in middle school, i have always had a rollercoaster of a relationship with health and fitness.  i go through really extreme phases of wanting to eat healthy and go to the gym all the time, to wanting to do the complete opposite.  i think i eventually burn myself out of whichever phase i am in, and then switch over to the other one.

now that i realize i have this unhealthy mindset, i haven’t really done much about it – probably because i’m in an unhealthy phase right now.  during the spring of this year, i was eating super healthy and exercising pretty regularly, and lost 12 pounds!  over the summer, i was taking classes at orange theory a few times every week and loving it.  i didn’t really have to watch what i ate because i wasn’t gaining weight since my workouts were so intense and pretty consistent.

now that i’m back at school and there is no orange theory nearby, i feel sort of on my own. the idea of going to the gym at school has sounded horrible, so i just haven’t been exercising… since the middle of september. not to mention, i’m still in a bad habit of not thinking about what i’m eating because that’s what i did all summer long.  i haven’t gained any weight back, but i don’t feel as good as i used to when i was exercising regularly and eating nutritious food.

i finally got myself to take a hot yoga sculpt class earlier this week, and that put me back in the headspace of wanting to eat healthy and exercise more often.

this got me thinking that these “phases” i go through are probably way more unhealthy than not exercising at all. from now on, i am going to try to stay consistent in my exercising, but not stress out over what food i eat or how often i make it to the gym. i am finally seeing this as a journey that i’m going to be on the rest of my life, not just a sprint to see how many calories i can burn in the shortest amount of time.  it’s definitely going to be an adjustment, but i’m hoping that writing this down will help me find a good balance between health and happiness.  hopefully this will be the end of my phases!

how do you stay happy and healthy year round?  i would love to hear any tips you might have!


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  1. Ofelia Bostrom
    October 24, 2018 / 11:47 am

    I go through phases of eating healthy and not eating healthy. I think it’s like any other habit that you have to work at it to break it. After awhile it is easier. Especially when you see the good results.

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