Fastest Ways To Sabotage Your Own Health Goals

Like many people, I set just a few new years resolutions for myself, and so far, so good! My biggest one, and probably the most common new years resolution, is to overall be healthier. I’ve been reflecting on the past few times I have set this goal for myself, and am trying to avoid the same downfalls. I thought I would share them to 1) hold myself accountable and 2) try to help others avoid these mistakes as well!

1. Comparing the past to the present. More likely than not, we all have had a time in our life when we were our healthiest, most dedicated, and overall at our best. It is so tempting to reflect on that time, and get discouraged when you don’t see the same progress, or don’t have the same level of dedication. The truth is, there is no way to recreate the events that may have occurred in the past, so torturing yourself by thinking about a number on the scale (or anything else for that matter) is useless! Take this as a new opportunity to improve your health, and don’t let the past get you down.

2. “I’m too tired today” While motivation is great, it will only carry you through the first week or so of your new health journey. Eventually, you’re going to have a long day at work or class, or just not want to wake up extra early that morning, so that’s when you need to make it a habit to go. Once you miss one work out session, it can be hard to get back in the groove of things, so try your best to stick with it!

3. Not making or sticking to a schedule. It’s so easy to flake on your goals if they are not written down, whether that is in your phone, on a piece of paper, or someplace else. Figuring out as you go does not work well when you are first getting started (or starting back up) on your fitness goals, so take a minute or two to plan out what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them, and then go from there.

4. Holding yourself accountable. It’s not a bad idea to assess and regroup every few weeks or so in order to track your progress. Seeing what is working and what is not working allows you to decide what you should do more or less of to reach all the goals you have set for yourself.


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