All Things Valentines

It’s that time of year again! Whether you are celebrating with your significant other or your closest friends, Valentine’s day is all about love – no matter where you get it from. I wanted to share a few ideas as far as gifts and things to do for this fun day.


Cook Dinner Together: Not only is this option significantly cheaper than going out to eat, it is also a great way to spend quality time together. It can be so rare to have enough time in the day to actually sit down and eat together, let alone cook an entire meal together, so use this to catch up and show your appreciation for each other.

But if you do go out to eat: Try to find some place neither of you have gone! It is so tempting to find the closest/nicest restaurant and try to make reservations there, but it can be so much more fun to explore places that may have been sitting right under your nose. Who knows, maybe this new place could become a new favorite! And if not, well, at least you tried.

Move night: With “luxury” movie theaters popping up all over the place, this may be the perfect excuse to try one out. This goes without saying, but buy your ticket ahead of time to ensure you get the best possible seat for the movie you both want to see!

Picnic: In my opinion, picnics are so underrated. Whether you take a cheese board to the beach, or just some sandwiches to a park, this is a great way to catch up and just enjoy each other’s company. My favorite is getting this cheese from Traders Joe’s along with some crackers and grapes. Bonus points if you go at sunset!


Scrapbook: This can be as fancy or casual as you want! I made Kyle a scrapbook for our one year anniversary, and not only did he love it, but it was also so much fun to reflect on all the memories we’ve made over the past year and think about what the future has in store for us. On that note, you could even do an electronic video or printed scrapbook, which may end up saving you a bit of time.

But if you’re pressed for time: Frame your favorite photo and write a nice note to go along with it! For these types of gifts, small things go a long way and this is definitely a thoughtful gift nonetheless.

An experience: My favorite gifts are always something that Kyle and I can do together, as opposed to a material item. So whether it is a sporting event, concert, or even just an escape room (always wanted to try one of these!), try and find something in your budget that you both can look forward to in the weeks/months to come!

Bottom line, I think Valentine’s Day should be more about sentimental gifts/activities more so than elaborate, expensive things. After all, the day is all about showing your S.O. how much they mean to you, and who says that has to cost a lot of money, if any at all?


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