Real Talk: Long Distance Relationships

Whether it is a relationship or a friendship, long distance is tough. If you’re opting to be in a long distance relationship with anyone, it’s because you really care about the person, making dealing with being apart even harder! My boyfriend and I have been long distance for basically the entirety of our relationship (got to spend summer vacation together!), and it definitely hasn’t been smooth sailing the entire way. Here are the highlights of my experience of being long distance.


Traveling: Being long distance means getting to visit wherever the other person is! While Arizona isn’t always the most exciting place to visit, we always seem to find something fun to do and more importantly, we are together!

Sending/Receiving Mail: There is really nothing like sending a letter to your S.O. knowing that even though you can’t be together, you can still send them a piece of your thoughts! I love picking out cute cards (or even just blank printer paper if I am bored) and sending them to my boyfriend just to know he is in my thoughts. Only thing better than sending a card is getting one back!

Having Something to Talk About: Always fun to sit down at the end of a long day and catch up on any exciting events. I always like to ask Kyle what the highlight of his day so I can stay caught up on what’s going on!

Finally Seeing Each Other: I mean, I think this one really goes without any explanation. Nothing will ever top a big hug after spending time apart!


Being Apart: Well…duh.

Airfare: You would think being apart would be cheaper (less dates, less $$), but having to fly to and from your respective cities can definitely add up – especially if you have to fly out of a small airport.

Missing Holidays: Birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day, etc. These are the hardest days to be apart, for sure.

Feeling Pressure to ALWAYS do Something When Together: I am so guilty of this. Whenever Kyle is visiting me, or I’m in Arizona, I feel the need to constantly have something planned because just hanging out is a “waste of time”! But so not true. Sometimes the best nights are the ones where we just hang out at home and watch a movie. As long as we are together!

I think being long distance with anyone is tough, but alway seems worth it in the end. It is all about adjusting and communication, and realizing that it is not going to be this way forever.


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  1. Lonely Boyfriend
    February 12, 2019 / 12:42 pm

    Wow, this article helped me out a lot. I’ve been living in Arizona for the last 18 months and my girlfriend has been far away from me in California. I miss her so much but this article helped me learn some ways I can better my relationship! Sending mail sounds like such a great idea that I have never thought of before, May try it!

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