This quarter has been INSANE! I feel like I have been running around all of February constantly trying to catch up. Balancing work, classes, and everything in between has been crazy but here’s how I’ve managed to stay sane this past month!

Sleep Cycle:  I cannot tell you how much this app has changed my life. I read about Sleep Cycle on Instagram and downloaded it out of sheer curiosity and have been BLOWN AWAY with how helpful it has been! When you go to bed, you set your alarm for a 30+ minute time frame in which you would like to be woken up. Throughout the night, it tracks your movement while you sleep to wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep cycle. So instead of a traditional alarm waking you up at 7:00am, Sleep Cycle may wake you up at 6:49am when you are moving around a lot and should naturally wake up.

I was so used to waking up exhausted and dreading getting out of bed and thought this was always going to be the case. This app has made it so much easier to get up and going, and actually has allowed me to be more productive throughout the day. You have to try it!

Write it Down:  Whether this is a to do list, goals, or things that you have already accomplished, WRITE IT DOWN! Writing something down is so satisfying, and if it is a to do list and/or goals, writing it down makes it real and puts it out into the universe, making it even more possible.  If you have time, writing it down in a journal is the best, but keep reading to see what programs I use on my computer so I can stay productive on the go.

Computer Programs:  I use several programs in order to maximize my productivity on my laptop. I use Google Calendar so I can have several different calendars (all color coded) and export all of the events onto iCalendar because I like the way that program looks better than the actual Google Cal website/app. I have six calendars: personal, errands, work, school, my sorority, and a joint calendar with my boyfriend.

I also use a Google Chrome extension called Momentum that allows you to create to do lists directly on Chrome. There is something that is so satisfying about checking something off your to do list that is so motivating that you actually want to complete the task.

On my iPad, I have an app called Goodnote that acts as a virtual tablet. I use my Apple Pencil and write directly on my iPad as if I was writing on a real notebook. It is so fun and easy to color code and plan out my day! Also, I can easily export each page/”notebook” as a PDF super easily.

DropBox:  I save every single one of my documents to either Google Docs or DropBox. This allows me to pick up whatever it was that I was working on wherever I go. This also is great insurance in the event your laptop breaks (trust me, this saved me just a few weeks ago!!). It also just helps me keep all of my documents organized and easy to find.

Create and Follow Routine: It’s so easy to be productive for the first day or two, but staying in this productive mindset is difficult once the motivation dies off. This is why creating a routine that you follow [almost] every single day is so crucial for long-term success. Whether that means you wake up an hour earlier once a week to accomplish a goal, making this a habit will only pay off in the end.

Be Realistic: More than likely, if you set a to do list of 20+ things, you will not accomplish all of them and you will just be left feeling discouraged. Make a to do list with 5-8 things maximum so you get everything done, and then stick to this routine!

What do you do in order to stay productive?  Let me know in the comments!


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