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Having just come back from tent camping at Coachella, I feel like I just got a crash course on travel! Of course, tent camping is a little different, but now I feel way more prepared for my upcoming trips… like the Hawaii trip I’ve been planning with Kyle over the last few months! Here are three of my best tips for planning a trip!

Start planning way earlier than you think you need to. It’s so crazy just how quickly time gets away from you! When we bought our camping pass, it felt like we had YEARS to plan this thing, but it ended up coming around so much faster than we ever could have expected! As far as Hawaii goes, we have everything planned, booked, and paid for – and we’re not even going for another few months! It is very reassuring and will allow us to actually relax once we get there!

Save more than just your budget. Let’s face it, sticking to a budget to a tee is next to impossible. I had a budget in my head for Coachella, but didn’t account for any food, water, or last minute items we would need once arriving! I am trying to save at least an additional 20% more in my Hawaii budget so I have some spending money once we get there.

Be prepared for anything. When Kyle and I arrived at our camping grounds at 1:30AM and found out that most people bring their own toilet paper, I was less than excited. It also seemed like everyone else knew to bring an Easy-Up as opposed to a traditional tent, as hanging out in a regular tent in 100 degree weather is miserable at best! There are a few things that you can only find out after attending once, so figuring out what to do better next time and learning how to adapt as best as possible will definitely spare you stress – and may even give you something to laugh about!

I’m planning on doing a complete recap of my Coachella experience, but haven’t exactly decompressed since being back! Hopefully will have that up sometime next week. For now, thank you for reading and let me know if you have any travel tips in the comments!


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