Money as a Millennial

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in college, it’s that money is so stressful. Spending, saving, and everything in between can be so hard to figure out and balance, it can get overwhelming! After reading a great article by one of my favorite bloggers, Sivan Ayla, I wanted to expand on some things I have changed and implemented in my life recently in order to save money.

Supplemental Sources of Income

In addition to my part time job, I have also started to sell my clothes on apps like Poshmark and Mercari, as well as taking them into stores that sell second hand clothes to try and sell the stuff that has literally been sitting in my closet for months – or sometimes even years! This is such a simple way to earn a little bit of money that adds up over time. These apps and stores are also a great option to shop on because you can typically buy really nice, brand name items for a fraction of the cost. Plus, it’s so good for the environment to wear secondhand clothes as opposed to buying brand new every single time!

Money Saving Apps

I have used the app Albert for about a year and a half, and it has helped me save literally thousands of dollars for various trips and other smaller goals along the way. Basically, Albert breaks down all of your finances and tells you how much you spend on what each month, and what the average user spends on the same items! It makes it easier to see where your money goes when it is put into a pie chart, making changes that much easier. PLUS Albert has a great feature that sets up a savings account in the app! All you have to do is connect your checking account, and it will automatically detect when and how much you can afford to save – and it will take it out for you. Most of the time, I don’t even notice the $8 increments it typically saves! I also make it a point to put larger amounts in myself, which speeds up the saving process substantially.

Track What You Eat

Not to calorie/macro count, but to figure out your weekly food budget. I have a spreadsheet that I write out every single item that I eat for what meal, and then highlight the meals in which I eat out. Not only does this help me create a grocery list and help me see what kind of food I am putting into my body, it also keeps me accountable if I eat out too much in any given week. My goal is to eat out no more than two times a week – which is way easier said than done.

Determine a Budget

A few years ago, I determined how much I needed to keep in my checking account upon getting paid, how much I should save, and how much to set aside to pay other bills, like utilities, credit card, etc. Once I determined this value, it has been significantly easier to stop using my credit card, and actually have enough money to do some fun things, while also stay financially responsible. You could also break it down further, such as how much “fun” money to save, how much for groceries, how much for savings, and so on.

I hope you find these tips give you something to think about! Let me know what you do to save and spend money more responsibly in the comments below!


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