Pre-Graduation Reflection

*I have wanted to write about graduation since early May, but just have not been able to find the right words to describe how I am feeling. In hindsight, it makes sense that my thoughts are all over the place – that is exactly how I feel in life right now: generally confused. I anticipate this being the first of at least a few graduation posts, so stay tuned!*

One of the many things my favorite teacher said that has stuck with me is that history always repeats itself. As graduation gets closer, I find myself reflecting more & more on my high school experiences compared to my experience in college. With that said, I can’t help but notice all of the similarities between “then” & “now”, so I figured this would be a good place to start organizing my thoughts.

I was so lucky to find some of my very best friends towards the end of my senior year of high school, & have found the same to be true in college. I am so thankful to have met some of the most amazing people who would otherwise not be in my life, or would not be so close to my heart, if this year had not happened exactly as it did. In both high school & college, I hesitantly got to know someone who I wasn’t (initially) particularly fond of – SOLELY due to a misunderstanding on my part- & watched as they quickly became one of my very best friends. Now, I cannot imagine my life without either of them & am so happy to have had the opportunity to actually get to know them. Bottom line: don’t think you know someone before you actually do!!! You guys know who you are (;

On the subject of friends, both in high school & college I made countless memories with all of my favorite people senior year & will always remember the fun (& not so fun) things we went through together. It has been a complete blessing to have these friendships, new & old – especially when things were rough in other aspects of my life. I am so fortunate to have had close relationships with my best friends during my college career & feel so thankful this is a consistent part of my life. I have way too many to even start to name, but you all know who you are and I am so so soooo thankful for each of you. (:

In high school, I had to learn to stand up for myself if there was someone or something affecting my happiness in a negative way – something I have always struggled with. Those same skills have been tested time & time again throughout college, in nearly identical situations each time. Though it has been hard not to dwell on these uncomfortable feelings & challenging times, I am trying to focus more so on the lesson I have learned as a result of these experiences: it is okay to put myself first if someone or something is making me unhappy. In fact, I have learned that it is actually my responsibility to make the corresponding & appropriate changes to live my best & happiest life, even if said changes seem to be impossible at the time. In other words, what I know now is the same as it was in high school – these changes & conversations may be difficult at the time, but they are always worth it in the end.

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to join a sorority in college simply based off of the things I had seen in movies & TV shows. The time spent in my sorority, while overwhelmingly positive & amazing, was not always the easiest – similar to my experience in high school with cheerleading. In both instances, there were countless times I wanted to quit & give up because it got tough & frustrating. With that said, I stuck it out all four years in each organization & could not be happier upon respective graduations. Because of cheer & my sorority, I have so many lifelong friends & memories that were worth any hardship! I think it is so important to be a part of something that gives you something to do & participate in… unless it is seriously impacting your long-term happiness, I have found that riding out the tough times in your organization, regardless of what it is, is always worth it in the long run.

Ultimately, I believe history does repeat itself & have found this to be true countless times in my life… more times than I could ever write about! While I think it is important to reflect on where you have been & what you have learned so far in life, it is important to remember that even though you cannot change your history, you can always change decisions that may impact your future. In other words, when a situation arises & concludes, whether pleasant or unpleasant, it could be beneficial to think about what you could do better the next time if, or when, the situation arises again.

I also wanted to share the article that completely blew my eighth grade mind about two of my fav presidents for objective, historically accurate, textual evidence to show that history does in fact repeat itself. 



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