Planning a Vacation

In just a couple of weeks, Kyle and I will be heading to Maui for my graduation trip!! I have been planning this trip since October of 2018, and it is so crazy that it is finally just around the corner! I wanted to share some things that I have learned along the way while trying to plan this trip in the most economical way as possible.

PICK YOUR BUDGET… and stick to it! Planning out a budget was basically the first thing we figured out – before even deciding where we wanted to go. This was helpful because it allowed us to narrow down our destinations, potential hotels, flights, and time of year.

FINDING SOMEWHERE TO STAY… and the earlier, the better! We opted to stay somewhere that has a full kitchen so we can make some of our meals at home as opposed to eating out every. single. time. This will be much more cost effective and allows us to eat a bit healthier!

We also picked a condo that was right on the beach because 1) going to the beach is a free activity that will never get old, and 2) we plan on spending basically our whole trip at the beach!

Last thing for finding somewhere to stay… read the fine print!!! Most importantly, the cancellation policy. Housing was the biggest expense of our trip, and since we were booking this over seven months in advance, I didn’t want to risk not getting our money back! We chose to stay somewhere slightly more expensive that had an amazing cancellation policy in the event that something happened and we were no longer able to go.

PLANE TICKETS… Finding plane tickets for this trip was one of the hardest parts of planning. Prices seemed to go up overnight, and the amount in which they increased was very upsetting! 

I had always heard that buying plane tickets on a Tuesday afternoon/evening was the cheapest, and I definitely found this to be true. Side note, if you are frequently looking at flights and prices, make sure to look on a “private” or “incognito” browser, or the prices will go up each time you look!

PLAN AHEAD… in all aspects. Booking activities in advance is substantially cheaper than showing up, day of, and trying to do the same activity. Of course, trying to figure out your schedule months/weeks/days in advance can be tricky, but it is always well worth it.

Most importantly, planning a trip is supposed to be FUN so just relax and trust that everything will come together. At times, it was hard not to get frustrated with how expensive everything is, but now I am so excited to just go!

Make sure to look out for a travel recap and lots of pictures!!


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